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The UK has numerous top universities that attract students from around the world. To study at these universities, international students require a visa. A visa is an essential official document that allows individuals to enter and stay in a foreign country legally. Follow this complete UK Student Visa process guide to apply for a visa if you plan to study abroad in the UK.

Why Study in UK?

Before moving further on applying for a UK student visa, let us know why to study in the UK. There are many reasons to study in the UK: its excellent education system is globally renowned, with prestigious universities offering diverse courses and world-class resources. Students can experience a multicultural society, and studying in the UK can enhance career prospects with high-quality education and international experience.

Oxford and Cambridge are top UK universities that have produced many famous personalities over the centuries. Some of the country’s universities have existed for a millennium. In addition to its academic excellence, the UK is a thriving hub for various industries, making it an ideal destination for studying abroad and pursuing a successful career.

Types of UK Visas for Indian Citizens

There are different types of visas available depending on the purpose of the visit to the UK. A Standard Visitor Visa is required for those who wish to visit the country, while a UK Student Visa is ideal for those who plan to pursue their studies. However, some people are exempt from requiring a visa to enter the UK, including:

  • Swiss Citizens
  • Commonwealth Citizens
  • Citizens from European Economic Areas

Student Visa

Many international students opt for the UK Student Visa to pursue their preferred degrees. The visa has different tiers depending on the duration of study, and after graduation, a different visa is required.

Business or Work Visa

The government offers visas to the finest professionals willing to work within the borders of the United Kingdom. Not only professionals but people with good reasons can also have these Work Visas. This kind of visa will help people settle and work either temporarily or for a long time.

Tourist Visa

The Tourist Visa allows people to visit the UK for tourism purposes only, with a validity of up to six months and without the option to settle or work in the country.

Transit Visa

A Transit Visa allows a person to use the UK as a medium to move from one country to another. The UK Trasit Visa comes with a validity of up to 10 years if there is a valid reason, such as requiring passage through the UK to reach the final destination.

Family Visa

One can get this Visa if they have a family member living or working in the United Kingdom. Apart from that, a Family Visa can extend for a period which can be more than 6 months. Usually, this visa type has categories, like Parent Visa, Child Visa, and Spouse Visa.

Settlement Visa

Lastly, we have the Settlement Visa. Now, this is the longest validity period. Those people wishing to visit, study, work and then settle in the UK permanently without any future restrictions can apply for it. However, it demands great qualifications from people.

UK Student Visa Requirements for Indian Students

If you are looking to apply for a Student Visa in the United Kingdom, you must meet the criteria mentioned below.

  • An offer from a licensed sponsor is required for study.
  • Must be at least 16 years older.
  • If 16, the consent of the parent is a must.
  • Must have the ability to read, write, speak and understand English.
  • Should have enough money to pay off the regular expenses, including tuition.

These are some basic UK Student Visa requirements for you to meet in order to become an eligible student visa applicant.

Documents Required for UK Student Visa

It is mandatory to possess certain documents, which you will find upon reading further in order to apply for a UK Student Visa. Here is the list of documents required For UK student visa, let’s check it out.

  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies from a licensed course provider.
  • Passport and other secondary travel documents.
  • Consent proof of parent or guardian if the applicant is aged below 18.
  • Relationship proof of the parent or guardian of the applicant.
  • Proof that you have enough money to support yourself in the UK.
  • ATAS Certificate, if required.
  • Consent in written form from your financial/ educational sponsor, if any.
  • Medical Certificate after getting tested negative for Tuberculosis.

Biometric information may need to be provided at the visa center. For those under 18, a consent letter from a parent or guardian is required, along with a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate to verify personal information.

Who Can Apply for a UK Student Visa?

In order to visit the UK for your overseas education, you should have some eligibility. Meeting certain prerequisites will let you become an eligible candidate to study in the UK. A few are as follows:

  • Valid certificates that state your completion of 10+2 with a minimum percentage from any Indian-recognized institution.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • The offer letter that you received from the UK’s recognized institution confirms your admission.
  • Your valid student visa.
  • Scoring the minimum marks in any English-language proficiency tests.

Cost Of Studying In UK For Indian Students

The fee for the UK Student Visa is £363 (Approx. Rs. 35,100) if the students are applying from India. The visa application process is quite simple and straightforward. You just need to provide your personal details, education details and the documents that you need to get the visa. The whole process usually takes about 2-3 days and it is free of charge for most applicants (except for those who are applying from India).

Type of Visa
General student visa (Tier 4)£363 or 36298 INR application fees + £680 per person for any dependants
Tier 4 (Child) student visa£363 or 36298 INR Application fees + healthcare surcharge
Short-term study visa£200 or 19999 INR for an 11-month visa and £470 surcharge

What is the UK Student Visa Process?

The process of procuring a UK Student Visa is not something rocket science. In fact, if one is aware of all rules and regulations, this process will be a breeze. Coming back to the main content, let us look at the UK Student Visa Process of acquiring it:

  • First off, start applying for the student visa online with the required documents mentioned above.
  • Next up, those applying from outside the borders of the UK should get their identity checked at a visa application centre by submitting their biometrics.
  • You might even use the UK Immigration ID Check application to scan your documents for authentication.
  • People living in the UK can apply for another kind of visa or extend the current visa’s validity.
  • Start filling in your application before paying the fees, and expect your results within 3 weeks.
  • It may even take longer than 3 weeks due to the document verification. But you can pay to fasten up the delay of processing time.
  • You may be required to attend a personal interview with a consul in the UK Embassy of your region.
  • If your application is approved, you will get a biometric residence permit or your immigration status in a digital form. You can use these to prove your identity.
  • This is the end step where your visa is approved. You will get a Vignette or your immigration status online (through the UK Immigration ID Check App).

UK Scholarships for Indian Students

There are a lot of sponsors out there who are willing to help students achieve their dream careers by offering scholarships. Let us look at the best UK Scholarships for Indian Students.

Chevening Scholarship

Here, the higher commissions and British embassies proceed with the selection of excelling students. Besides, it is exclusively available for 12 months, which one can extend even further. This scholarship covers every expense, which is a great thing.

GREAT Scholarship

Funded by the GREAT Britain campaign and the British Council, this scholarship is famous among many. For Indian students, a total of 13 Postgraduate scholarships are offered by 12 leading universities. This scholarship can cover the first-year fee of your PG course.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship

Indian students who are pursuing careers in Arts, Humanities, or Heritage conservation are eligible for this one. Long and short-term grants with Doctoral and even research grants are provided here.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship

This particular scholarship gives chances to people from commonwealth countries to get PG degrees in the UK. It provides scholarships under various disciplines with varying amounts.

Scotland Saltire Scholarship

The Scottish Government, in collaboration with Scottish Universities, funds this scholarship. Besides, this scholarship focuses on supporting excelling students in the fields of Science, Technology, Energy, Medical, and Creative Industries to complete their Post-graduation degree.

These are some of the best scholarships available for Indian students who are willing to study in the UK.


Can I get a UK Student Visa without IELTS?

Yes. You can get a UK Student Visa without IELTS. However, you should be proficient in English.

Can Tier 4 Student Visa work in the UK?

Of course, Tier 4 Student Visa work in the UK. But that’s only for a temporary period of time.

Can I change my Visitor Visa to a student Visa in the UK?

You cannot simply transition to a student visa from another kind of visa, like a visitor one, if you don’t have valid permission.

What is the UK Student Visa Processing time in India?

The UK Home Office will process your visa application within 15 calendar days (3 weeks) of receiving a complete and valid application.

What is UK Student visa fee in Indian currency?

Cost Of Studying In UK For Indian Students is around 36298 INR.