Study in New Zealand – Colleges, Eligibility & Scholarships

New Zealand is popular for its landscapes, Maori culture, and is attracting international students with benefits such as great career growth. The country has many natural wonders and an increasing number of visitors, including international students. If you’re planning to study abroad, New Zealand is a great pick with top universities and a reasonable cost of living. Learn more about why New Zealand is good for study, fees, intake details, and more.

Why Study in New Zealand?

There are many reasons for New Zealand to become one of the most preferred locations for many pupils wishing to study overseas. Some of those reasons why study in New Zealand:

#1 Reputed Universities

New Zealand has top-tier universities offering courses across various disciplines, providing quality education through effective teaching techniques.

#2 Quality of Living

New Zealand offers outstanding quality of life to international students with exceptional performance in every feature, ensuring a safe and secure educational journey.

#3 High Exposure

New Zealand welcomes a huge population of international students annually, offering exposure to diverse traditions and cultures and providing opportunities for global connections and exposure.

#4 Enjoyable Environment

Filled with various natural wonders, New Zealand surely amazes everyone. Individuals who are seeking proper work/study-life balance can always depend upon the ambiance of New Zealand. It has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and nature’s beauty.

#5 Technically and Economically Developed

New Zealand’s economy and technological status are on the rise, with increasing employment opportunities likely to happen, making it a good country to settle in.

Top Universities in New Zealand

New Zealand has a number of prominent universities which are famous on a global range. These universities have a major role in producing the finest of experts and professionals in different fields. Below are some of those universities in this country.

  • University of Auckland
  • University of Otago
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • University of Canterbury
  • Massey University
  • University of Waikato
  • Lincoln University
  • Auckland University of Technology
  • Manukau Institute of Technology
  • Ara Institute of Canterbury

Best Courses in New Zealand

The Universities of New Zealand offer great courses across all disciplines, allowing students to pick the best course for them, making it a primary reason why many pupils are looking forward to studying in New Zealand. The courses are quite rewarding, assuring an amazing career.

  • Engineering
  • Management and Business Administration
  • Medicinal Science
  • IT and Computer Science
  • Media and Journalism
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Agricultural Science

Intakes Available in New Zealand

The New Zealand study intakes are specific time periods during which any educational institution starts to process and select the applicants’ applications during the admission process. New Zealand has a total of 2 intake periods currently.

  • January Intake- Starts from January and lasts till June.
  • July Intake- Commences in the month of July and ends in November.

If a student misses applying for the desired university during the intake periods, he/ she should wait for the next intake period and then apply for admission without fail.

Cost of Studying in New Zealand for Indian Students

Students pursuing education abroad must be aware of the cost of study, which is typically the result of their academics and essentials during their time in a foreign country. To become financially ready, take a look at a sample study in New Zealand cost and formulate an effective plan. Glimpse the table below to understand the cost of studying in New Zealand for Indian students.

ExpenseCost (INR)
Tuition Fee (UG)10,00,000-15,00,000
Tuition Fee (Sciences)10,00,000-35,00,000
Tuition Fee (PG)12,00,000-18,00,000
New Zealand Study Visa Cost (One-time)13,000-15,000
Books and Materials15,000-25,000
Accommodation (University Hostel)15,000-45,000

Career Opportunities in New Zealand

New Zealand offers abundant career opportunities for international students, making it a growing economy attracting visits from global corporations and institutions. Read along to know which opportunities are in abundance.

IT Professionals

New Zealand’s growing technology sector has resulted in a vast growth of its IT corporations, leading to a powerful demand for IT graduates worldwide, who can deal with complex problems related to the IT field.

Accountants and Finance Experts

Accounting and finance professionals are in eternal demand worldwide, including in New Zealand with its numerous emerging corporations and institutions. These professionals can have good careers not only in New Zealand but also in other countries.

Doctors, Nurses and Medical Specialists

Medical professionals are in heavy demand worldwide, and New Zealand is no exception. The nation seeks doctors and healthcare experts, offering remuneration and respect in society for the challenging and complex nature of their work.

Management Experts

Business organizations seek managerial and administrative staff worldwide. Such careers have global applicability and offer good rewards upon obtaining a degree from a reputed New Zealand university.


Lawyers and legal experts have high prominence in New Zealand, with great potential for professional benefits and transitioning into legal advisors for corporations and institutions.

New Zealand Study Visa Requirements for Indian Students

To obtain a New Zealand study visa, applicants must possess the required documentation. This ensures a hassle-free visa application process. Indian students can find the list of necessary documents and New Zealand study visa requirements below.

  • Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • Visa application form.
  • Passport-size photographs.
  • Basic civil documentation for identity proof.
  • Proof of funds.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Letter of acceptance.
  • Language proficiency evidence.
  • Health insurance documentation.

How to Get Scholarship to Study in New Zealand?

Scholarships ease international students’ academic and living expenses. Many New Zealand universities offer a variety of scholarships, mainly based on academic proficiency. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get a scholarship to study in New Zealand.

  • As an initial step, an applicant must be in possession of the required documentation.
  • Search for a scholarship that suits your eligibility through reliable online and offline sources.
  • Later, visit the websites of New Zealand universities offering scholarships to international students.
  • Additionally, research more about the New Zealand government’s scholarships.
  • Also, check if your domestic country has some sort of scholarship that aids international students and apply for it.

Eligibility Criteria to Study In New Zealand for Indian Students

New Zealand government has set eligibility criteria for international students who want to study in the country, which are crucial during the visa application process. Here are the eligibility conditions.

  • All applicants must be of legal age (18 and above). If not, they must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • A student must have a good command of the English language.
  • Aspirants must procure all the necessary documents for their visas.
  • An applicant must not have any recent criminal record.
  • Students must be in good medical condition.
  • Applicants must produce their acceptance letter from any recognized New Zealand university.

Exams Required to Study in New Zealand

International students should be aware of certain exams that are not mandatory but can be submitted as valid proofs during various processes. Here’s a look at the exam to study in New Zealand for Indian students.

  • Language Proficiency Tests: To prove language proficiency, applicants may need to take exams like PTE, TOEFL, or IELTS, which are accepted by visa authorities and universities.
  • Standardized Tests: Standardized exams like SAT and GRE can improve your chances of getting selected for the applied university.

Cost of Living in New Zealand

Evaluate the Cost of Living critically before going abroad as it includes expenses on stay, tuition, food, etc. Fortunately, the cost of living is moderate in New Zealand due to its developing status. Refer to the table below to understand the costs of living in the country.

ExpensesCost (NZD)
Food and Grocery$20-$30

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How much does it cost to study in New Zealand?

Annually the tuition fees in New Zealand could range as follows:
Bachelor’s Degree – NZD 20,500 to NZD 25,000
Master’s Degree – NZD 19,000 to NZD 29,000
PhD. Degrees – NZD 6,500 – NZD 9,000

Can I get scholarships to study in NZ?

As soon as you make the decision to study in New Zealand, you should start looking for funding opportunities because scholarships are highly difficult to get. It can take a long time to gather all of the necessary documentation to apply for a scholarship. But yes, getting scholarships to study in NZ with good scores and a reasonable background is possible.

Which is the best place to study in New Zealand?

Some of New Zealand’s best universities are located in Auckland. Every year, a large number of students from around the world visit this city. Furthermore, numerous Indian students prefer to study in Auckland.

Is it mandatory to get health insurance as a student in New Zealand?

For the duration of their stay in New Zealand, all international students have to acquire comprehensive medical insurance. This insurance must cover the student until their visa runs out.

How much study gap acceptable in New Zealand?

Even with 10 long years, you may still be able to apply for your New Zealand visa. All you need is proper documentation which can prove your identity and support any statements of purpose.