The Complete Australia Student Visa Process for Indian Students

Completing a degree abroad offers limitless benefits, including great experience, vast exposure, and a wider perspective. Australia is a popular destination due to its quality graduates who are sought after by international companies. If you’re a student planning to study in Australia, obtaining a study visa is essential, and this guide provides all the necessary information to ensure a successful journey. So, are you eager to know all about the study visa for your education in Australia? This guide is furnished with the exact such information that gives you a deeper insight into all the things that surround the Australia student visa process. Come dive in!

Australia Study Visa Requirements

For those who are busy formulating their study plans for Australia, there is a list of requirements that they must meet before they start applying for a student visa. Now, the official Australian government has set these requirements for all foreign students. Let’s look at Australia study visa requirements now.

  • Applicants must be of legal age (18 and above).
  • One must be in possession of every documentation with the required attestations.
  • Students should have reasonable command over the English language (written and spoken).
  • Obtaining a letter of acceptance from the desired university located in Australia is another prerequisite.
  • Applicants must be in good health, and they have to submit proof for the same.
  • One must have a welfare arrangement if they are under the age of 18, where they must be accompanied by a guardian throughout the process.

These are some of the most basic Australia student visa process and requirements set up by the Australian government for its students from foreign countries. Besides, all requests are only accepted in Australia Eastern Standard Time.

What are the Documents Required for Australia Student Visa Process?

Before applying for an Australia study visa, foreign students must meet the official requirements set by the Australian government. Let’s explore these requirements for Australia study visa requirements.

#1 Valid Passport

A valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months is mandatory for visiting major foreign countries, including Australia.

#2 Confirmation of Enrollment

To confirm enrollment in the selected course, you must obtain a Confirmation of Enrollment (COE) from your desired Australian university, which requires paying the course registration fee.

#3 Letter of Acceptance

Here comes another important document that you have to submit to get your Australia study visa. All applicants must get a letter of acceptance from the desired university as a sign of their acceptance of the candidate’s application.

#4 Language Proficiency Proof

English proficiency is a demanding factor in obtaining a study visa. Thus, students have to submit some sort of document that proves their language proficiency. A famous example is the test results of certain language tests like IELTS and TOEFL.

#5 Fund Proof

Proof of funds, like a bank statement with a specified amount of minimum balance, is another thing that you have to submit. This particular proof will demonstrate your capability to be self-reliant in a foreign territory without many financial issues.

#6 Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement

You will be expected to write a statement supporting your genuine reason for studying in their country. Also, you will have to write another letter that states your acceptance to exit their country as soon as you fulfill your motive.

#7 Overseas Student Health Insurance

Candidates must have valid health insurance available under their names during their stay in Australia. Almost every country that you visit for higher education would ask for your health insurance, as this document might help during emergencies.

#8 Medical Certificate

Your physical fitness certification is another major certificate that you have to submit during your Australia student visa process. Hence, all international students have to submit a proper medical certificate from a certified doctor to show their physical fitness.

#9 Police Certificate

A police certificate from the respected authorities is a must for you to obtain and submit in order to provide transparency of your background to the visa authority. This certification will show your criminal-free record to their officials.

Australia Study Visa Fees

Payment of the student visa fee is a pretty vital step in the whole process of acquiring a student visa. It is the only step that makes all the steps preceding it valid to the authorities. Hence, let us get to know more about the Australia study visa fees now.

  • The Australian study visa has a base fee of AUD 650, with potential additional fees based on age. Here’s more information to help you understand.
  • If the applicant is younger than the age of 18, they must pay an additional amount of AUD 160 with the basic pay.
  • Those students who are older than 18 have to pay an additional amount of AUD 485, along with the basic pay.

Upon completion of payment, your application will be processed by the authorities.

Australia Student Visa Processing Time

The Australian government’s Student Visa Fast-Track (SSVF) process has made applying for a student visa faster and easier, making Australia a top study destination. It provides an expedited service for those needing to obtain their visa quickly.

The goal of the SSVF is to ensure a shorter processing time than regular student visas, making it much more convenient for students. The typical Australia student visa processing time is around 4-6 weeks from beginning to end and can be completed online from anywhere. This is significantly faster than traditional student visas, Australia study visa processing time takes an average of 8-10 weeks to complete, depending on an applicant’s eligibility factors.

How to Apply for an Australian Student Visa?

Applying for an Australian student visa is a pretty simple process and similar to that of the visa processes of other countries as well. Regardless, the following steps will guide you through the Australia student visa process:

  1. First off, check the eligibility criteria mentioned to acquire an Australian student visa.
  2. Next up, start gathering all the necessary documents mentioned above for submission to the visa-issuing entity.
  3. You can now start to fill in your application online by visiting the official website of the Home Affairs department of Australia. You can even visit a visa application center if necessary.
  4. Next up, complete the process by paying the application fee. Keep the receipt; it might come in handy later on.
  5. Your application will then be processed, and the results will be available for you in a couple of weeks.

Part-Time Work Options under Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500)

  • The Subclass 500 Student Visa allows part-time work. Visa holders can work up to 40 hours, for a maximum of 2 weeks.
  • This visa allows students to work unlimited hours during breaks and holidays in the Australian calendar year.
  • The only restriction here is that a candidate will not be allowed to work before the initiation of the course they are enrolled in.
  • ELICOS students are not eligible to apply for a work permit, but other students can apply separately if they need one.
  • This visa allows applicants to work in various fields such as tutoring, sales, telemarketing, serving in restaurants or cafes, clerical work, deliveries, babysitting, and more.


What is the biggest reason for student visas to get rejected in Australia?

When you apply for an Australian study visa, you must have enough money to live and study in Australia. The main reason for visa refusal is the lack of funds in the applicant’s bank account necessary to study and live in that country.

Is interview compulsory for Australian Student Visa?

Yes, the interview is mandatory for you to procure an Australian student visa. To obtain a student visa, a candidate must pass an embassy interview. However, one can appear for an online interview due to the COVID restraints given worldwide. Make sure to check some of the most common Australia study visa interview questions, as well as tips on how to answer them.

Is IELTS mandatory to apply for an Australian Student Visa?

No, IELTS is totally optional for a person to apply for an Australian student visa. One can also submit other sorts of language proficiency proofs during the visa application process.