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Know How to Study in USA and Make Your Dream Come True!

Many students realize the value of multinational education, and studying abroad provides more opportunities and benefits than studying domestically. Choosing the right destination country is crucial for gaining educational and employment advantages. The USA is a land of opportunity that showcases students’ capabilities and provides international exposure. Let’s learn more about how it benefits students from abroad.

10 Reasons To Study in USA

Start with the reasoning: Why to study in USA? While other countries offer opportunities, the USA is a prominent player. Here’s why it could be a great choice for your international education.

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#1 Quality Universities

The USA has many excellent universities, including the prestigious Ivy League, making it an ideal place for quality education seekers.

#2 Attracts Global Job Providers

Countries like the USA attract attention from global job providers, which increases during graduation season. Exclusive corporations and institutes visit top universities to hire qualified personnel.

#3 Top-notch Education

The USA offers high-quality education, with experienced teachers and professors providing training to students of all ages, from schools to universities.

#4 Wide Range of Universities

Choosing to study in the USA means you have access to a wide range of globally recognized and high-quality universities, providing you with a standardized and extensive selection.

#5 Scholarship Opportunities

Talented students attract genuine sponsors from various countries who provide education funding, and international students have access to many scholarships that can aid their education.

#6 Job Opportunities

With a strong economy and currency rate, the USA is a top global job provider and an ideal place to study, settle, and achieve financial freedom.

#7 Recognition of the Degree

Graduating in the USA opens up global opportunities due to the country’s widely recognized education.

#8 Quality of Living

International students can expect a satisfactory quality of life in the USA, known for its safety and decent living standards.

#9 Finance Aid

The USA provides an ideal work/study-life balance, with enjoyable experiences and reasonable living costs that fulfill every expectation of an average young adult.

#10 Vibrant Life

Lastly, studying in the USA will bring you a lot of exposure when it comes to diversity. You will be able to establish connections with different people from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

Benefits of Studying in USA For Indian Students

The USA is the top destination for quality overseas education that Indian students seek, providing optimal and fulfilling results within a reasonable budget. Let’s explore some benefits of studying in the USA for Indian students.

  • US universities attract students worldwide, providing opportunities to grow connections and knowledge about different cultures.
  • The diverse population in the USA allows for exploration and expansion of knowledge in different traditions and cultures.
  • Students from developing countries like India have access to a wide range of resources related to their fields of study.
  • Studying in the USA offers valuable international experience, enhancing one’s professional profile and potential job opportunities.
  • The US government provides a support system to help students accomplish their study-abroad plans seamlessly.

Post Study Work Visa USA

Post-study work visas USA are vital for students who need additional time after graduation. Three study visas are available, varying in duration and validity, allowing holders to stay until expiration.

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  • F1 Visa- 5 Years
  • M1 Visa- 1 Year
  • J1 Visa- 3 Years(ranges between 18 months to 5 years based on the category selected)

Most students prioritize obtaining the F1 Visa due to its longer validity period and popularity among students. With this visa, a pupil can stay an additional year after graduation to gain work experience in their field of study by applying for an OPT or Optional Practical Training permit, which has specific criteria to fulfill.

  • Graduation from a US Department of Education and Student and Exchange Visitors Program recognized educational institute is necessary for OPT application, regardless of the field of study.
  • The applicant must have a job opportunity relevant to their field of study.

USA Study Visa Process

  1. Start the application form by submitting Form I-765, filled in with the required details.
  2. Proceed by paying the application fees through the official portal.
  3. Your employer’s name will be subjected to E-Verification and will be checked.
  4. Your hiring company’s identification number will also be E-verified to check the authenticity.
  5. Next up, you have to submit your NON-STEM/ STEM Degree certificate copy.
  6. Lastly, submit Form I-20 with the certificate of eligibility attested by your university.
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Study Abroad USA Universities

Reputed US universities attract global students, with some featuring in the #Top10 Universities list. Below are the top 10 best study abroad USA universities for quality education.

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  1. The Harvard University
  2. The Stanford University
  3. The Princeton University
  4. The Yale University
  5. The University of Chicago
  6. The Columbia University
  7. The John Hopkins University
  8. The University of Pennsylvania
  9. The University of California
  10. The Cornell University

These are only some of the academies, to name a few, which provide quality education. As said before, the USA is filled with an abundance of excellent universities. Every college in it provides you with expert knowledge, no matter what your discipline is. Do check out the other ones without fail.

What is the Best Course to Study in USA?

There are numerous courses offered by American universities, but it’s crucial to choose the one that best suits you. Rather than following the crowd and choosing trendy courses, analyzing yourself and your environment can help you identify the most suitable course. Here are the top 3 courses to study in the USA for a promising career.

Business Administration

The Business Administration course is always in demand as every working management requires proper administration, making it ever-demanding and never out-of-trend.

Computer Science

The growing modernization demands quality technical personnel, who can adapt to technology upgrades. This is where Computer Science comes in, making it a great career option.

Health and Medicine

A global in-demand course is Health and Medicine, offering a path to become a qualified doctor and a life savior, despite its time and dedication requirements, the returns are worth it.

Intakes Available in the USA

You must evaluate intakes or terms offered by educational institutions in America when you decide to pursue your education. Let us look at the intakes available now:

  • Fall- Begins in August or September
  • Spring- Begins from January
  • Summer- Begins from May

Missed fall intake? Try spring. Missed spring? Wait for summer. Missed summer? Wait for fall. In the USA, fall intake is the most preferred.

What are the Requirements To Study In USA For Indian Students?

The students planning to pursue their education in the USA have to fulfill some requirements. Here are the detail requirements to study in USA for Indian students

  • Must have a valid passport and copies of the same.
  • Should have obtained Language Test Scores like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • Also, they can attempt and submit scores from Standardized Test Scores like GMAT, SAT, and GRE (optional).
  • Must have the Statement of Purpose.
  • Should own the Letter of Recommendation from the previous teaching institute

How to Get Scholarship To Study In USA For Indian Students?

Scholarships can ease your journey, but they require excellent academic performance for merit-based ones and privilege for need-based ones. Academic scholarships require extensive documentation. Let’s review some crucial scholarship to study in USA for Indian students vital documents.

  • Passport, Photocopy, and ID Proof
  • Academic Scores (CGPA)
  • Language test score
  • Standardized test score
  • Recommendation letter
  • Statement of purpose
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With these documents, a student seeking scholarships can approach various scholarship-offering entities and obtain financial aid. But not before checking up on its eligibility.

Cost of Studying In USA For Indian Students

Students who plan to take their education to the US must consider watching out for the living and study costs that come along the path. A thorough knowledge must be obtained before execution, let’s have a look at the cost of studying in USA for Indian students.

US Student VisaINR 12,000- INR 26,000
University Application FeeINR 3000- INR 6000
Tuition FeeINR 25,00,000 (avg)
Entrance Examination FeeINR 15,000- INR 20,000
Regular ExpensesVaries with Place/Time

Eligibility Criteria to Study in the US

Just like the requirements, there is a similar list of eligibility factors necessary for students to meet for their overseas education abroad. They are,

  • There are no age restrictions to study in the USA. People of all age groups are eligible to pursue their education here.
  • Students should have passed out of 12th grade if they want to pursue their degree.
  • Individuals can be from any country, no matter their nationality.
  • There are no minimum or maximum scores fixed here.

What Exams are Required to Study in the USA?

Take a look at the table below to learn more about the examinations required to pursue your education in the USA:

TOEFL/ PTEEnglish Language Tests for Entrance
SAT/ ACTUndergraduate Tests for Entrance
GMAT/ GREPostgraduate Tests for Entrance
MCATMedicine Degree Test for Entrance
LSATLaw Degree Test for Entrance

How to Get a Student Visa for USA?

A visa is a vital component required to start your educational journey abroad. Let us look at the steps to acquire a how to get a student visa for USA from India now,

  • Start applying to a SEVP-approved university of your liking.
  • Complete the process of SEVIS fee payment.
  • Later, start filling in the US visa application (online/ offline)
  • Complete the payment of the visa application fee
  • After that, fix a date for your visa interview and attend it.
  • Lastly, complete the interview and wait for the approval.

Upon completion of these steps, your VISA might be generated, or your request will be revoked. It all depends upon the effects of your actions during the application process.

Cost of Living in the US

Students who wish to pursue their education abroad, especially in a country like the USA, must keep track of their expenses and implement their financial plans effectively. Let us take a look at the cost of living for an average abroad student in this country now,

ExaminationTime Basis
Rent and Accommodation$10000 – $12000 per year
Food$300 (avg) per month
Travel$300-$700 per year
Electricity$100-$200 per month
Water and Waste Management$50- $100 per month
Clothing$400 (avg) per month
Study Material$1500 per year

These costs tend to vary from time to time and from place to place. Furthermore, they are influenced by the person’s actions as well.

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How many days will it take to get admission in the USA?

It usually takes 3 to 5 weeks maximum, depending on the university and admission cycle, to get your admission in the USA. Some universities don’t evaluate applications until the deadline.

What are the main intakes in the USA?

Fall- Starts in August or September
Spring- Starts from January
Summer- Starts from May

Which is the best course in the USA?

Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, Commerce and Medical science are some of the best courses offered within the boundaries of the USA.

How much does it cost to study in USA?

Life in a 2- year degree program in the USA will incur an average total cost of $12000-$14000 per year. When it comes to a 4- year degree program, you can expect a cost between $35000- $40000 per year.

How much bank balance is required for US student visa?

To be eligible for a USA student visa, your bank account must contain at least 10,000 US Dollars. Thus, it is advised for the applicants to maintain a bank account with the specified amount of dollars to fall eligible.