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The ACT is a popular standardized assessment for students pursuing higher education abroad, especially in the United States. It offers many benefits, including exposure and recognition at an international level. However, to be accepted into an international university, one must perform well on exams like the ACT. To learn more about the ACT and related concepts, as well as the Best ACT Coaching In Vizag, check out KC Overseas.

What is the ACT Examination?

The American College Testing examination, aka, ACT is a famous exam for those seeking a successful career, and it evaluates skills in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Scientific Reasoning. It is administered by the non-profit organization ACT and is necessary for students entering bachelor’s programs.

With almost 50 years of history, it assesses students’ readiness for elite universities worldwide and takes place multiple times a year. Over 1.34 million students attempt the exam annually.

Why Take the ACT Exam?

ACT is a popular standardized exam for 12th graders who want to join a good university and pursue their bachelor’s degree. It checks candidates’ eligibility during the admission process and is accepted by top universities like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. ACT Exam has growing global applicability and proficient scorers can win scholarships and have many institute choices. Almost every educational institute in America and over 225+ worldwide accepts ACT scores, making it highly recognized in and out of the United States.

ACT Test Eligibility

All exams have rules and regulations, and the standardized ACT exam is no exception. It has eligibility criteria set by the parent organization that all candidates must meet to register. These requirements include:

  • The ACT exam has no maximum age requirement, allowing students of any age above 18 to attempt it, including pupils in younger grades.
  • It aims to help people get into universities to complete their bachelor’s degree, requiring at least a successful 12th-grade pass.
  • Nationalities have no restrictions.
  • Moreover past score records are not reviewed, but proficiency in English, Mathematics, and Scientific Reasoning is necessary.

ACT Exam Pattern

The exam pattern is like a blueprint of the examination, guiding candidates on how to approach it effectively for the best results. It helps students formulate a plan during preparation and shows how the ACT exam will be conducted. Let’s take a look at the ACT Exam Pattern.

SectionsNo. of QuestionsTime Required
English75 Questions45 Minutes
Mathematics60 Questions60 Minutes
Reading40 Questions35 Minutes
Science40 Questions35 Minutes
Writing10 Questions40 Minutes

ACT Syllabus

To prepare well for the ACT, it’s important to have a timetable based on the test syllabus, which acts as a roadmap for success. The syllabus covers material taught in high school, and a table outlining the ACT syllabus is provided below.

Grammar and usage
Sentence structure

Rhetorical Skills
MathematicsCoordinate geometry
Plane geometry
Elementary algebra
Intermediate algebra
ReadingSocial studies
Natural science
ScienceData representation (ex) graphs and tables
Research summaries
Conflicting viewpoints
WritingOne Essay of any nature
  • The English section evaluates real-life English communication abilities and grammar skills.
  • The Math section of the ACT Exam Syllabus​​ tests high-school level math skills.
  • The ACT Reading section evaluates English comprehension.
  • The science section assesses data interpretation.
  • The writing section tests effective written expression.

How to Complete ACT Registration?

The Registration process belonging to the ACT Examination is pretty similar to that of every other standardized examination in existence. Nevertheless, let us look at the ACT Registration process now:

  • Visit the official website of ACT.
  • There register yourself by creating a new account.
  • To do so, create a profile with your personal details.
  • The next step is to complete the registration process by filling in the application form with the required details.
  • After filling in those details, you will be redirected to a page that will give you options to choose 4 universities of your choice to send your results.
  • Later, pay your registration fee and take a print of that receipt for further use.
  • Keep a digital copy of your passport-size photograph for later use.
  • You will then get a notification regarding your successful registration via E-mail.

ACT Test Score

The ACT examination includes 5 sections, which include one optimal. Furthermore, each section is scored separately on a scale range of 1-36. Also, they all have a composite/ average score which is stated in the table below:


The test scoring system of ACT has considered a score of 36 to be the highest score of proficiency. And a score of 1 will be the lowest score one could get in it. Nonetheless, this exam’s scores are valid for 5 years. So, you can happily use those results for your admission for up to 5 years. Students must write another ACT examination if the existing score expires.

How to prepare for ACT Exam?

Don’t worry or panic!! You can easily crack ACT when you have strong determination and the right guide. The below strategic points might help you focus more on attending this test:

#1 Prepare a Timetable

Successful people follow a schedule, so plan a timetable and define your strategies. Cover the syllabus during set time periods for a steady grip on the exam’s difficult sections.

#2 Know all About ACT

Make ACT your ally by researching it thoroughly, learning key tips and tricks, and taking note of all its aspects. A simple Google search can provide you with all the necessary information.

#3 Practice with ACT Sample Papers

ACT Sample Papers or mock tests help students prepare for the real exam without much anxiety. The ACT exam papers (Mock) are easily available online, so practice them to be well-prepared.

#4 Always Stay on Track

Whatever your pace is, don’t worry much. All that matters is consistency. Whatever you learn, just strengthen it. Mastering your strengths will not only make you an ultimate pro but also enhance your overall confidence to attempt this test.

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When is the ACT exam conducted?

Usually, the ACT Examination takes place during the months of September, October, December, February, April, and June. Moreover, ACT exam in India is always held on Saturdays.

How soon shall I book my exam date?

It is best for the candidate to book their ACT examination date 2 months before their application deadline.

Where can I appear for the ACT test?

ACT has turned out to be a fully computer-based standardized exam. In most cases, it is best for students to take the examination in the respective test center near them.

What if I am unable to appear for the test?

Candidates who miss their ACT will be left out of the general attendance and marked as ‘Absent’. This simply means that one will only lose their registration fee.

What shall I carry on ACT exam day?

All candidates must have a valid ID and an admit card. They might carry an approved calculator and batteries for it and pencils, too. They might bring water and small refreshments. Even non-digital watches are ok to carry.

How soon can I get my ACT score?

The final test results of ACT will generally be published within 8 weeks after the date of examination. You will get notifications online.

How do I pay my ACT test fee?

You can pay your ACT registration fee during the registration process. You can pay your fees to a payment portal where you can initiate the process.

How to reschedule my ACT exam?

One can reschedule their ACT by choosing the rescheduling option from the official website by paying a specific amount as the rescheduling fee.