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Today’s young generation is increasingly aware of the benefits of studying abroad. Studying abroad adds value to a student’s profile and offers valuable exposure for a successful career. To pursue higher studies abroad, students need to demonstrate their proficiency in English by taking standardized tests such as the PTE. Let’s explore the best PTE coaching in Vizag and how to enroll.

What is the PTE Exam?

The PTE Exam or or simply Pearson’s Test of English assesses the English knowledge of non-native speakers who want to study abroad. It’s been endorsed by the Graduate Management Admission Council for several decades and is accepted by top universities like Oxford, Yale, and Harvard. The exam focuses on speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills and helps institutions select the best candidates. Good knowledge of English is essential for students studying and living abroad.

PTE Exam Types

The PTE Examination is generally in the form of 2 variants. One is PTE General, and the other is PTE Academic. Well, let’s get more comprehension of those variants here:

PTE General: PTE General is for those going abroad for purposes other than education and tourism. It tests real-life communication skills with less emphasis on grammar.

PTE Academic: PTE Academic assesses candidates’ communication skills for studying abroad. A good score on this test increases their chances of getting into prestigious universities. Let’s delve into this exam in more detail.

Why Take the PTE Exam?

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Standardized exams like PTE are highly valued by privileged educational institutions overseas due to their wide applicability. It offers candidates a broader range of countries to complete their education. PTE is widely accepted by universities in Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Germany, France, and other countries. Additionally, over 3000 universities in these prominent countries consider PTE band scores.

Moreover, PTE adds significant value to a candidate’s profile, resulting in more fruitful future endeavors. Top candidates with high scores are notified to universities, enabling them to select the best candidates and offer scholarships. Additionally, famous institutions sponsor the education of proficient PTE students, potentially leading to job opportunities after graduation. Overall, taking privileged standardized exams like PTE has numerous benefits.

PTE Eligibility

There are certain eligibility conditions that every test taker of PTC should meet before they can write this test. The parent organization, Pearsons Language Tests, will set these eligibility requirements.

  • All candidates must be of age 16 at least before attending a PTE examination.
  • There are no maximum age restrictions set here. Thus, the candidate can be of any age (above 16) to attend it.
  • Additionally, there are no score restrictions set for candidates to attend this exam. The minimum requirement is that they must pass their 12th class through a certified education provider.
  • Now, there are no restrictions related to nationality as well. A student from any country in this world is eligible to take this examination.

PTE Exam Pattern

The exam pattern is crucial in a person’s preparation as it serves as a blueprint, allowing applicants to plan their execution during the assessment period. Moreover, PTE Exam Pattern provides insights into the exam and how to approach it for success. The PTE Examination primarily consists of three sections

PTE contains the content and questions that it has had since its formation. Nothing has changed since the test’s popularity rose. However, there are a few changes in its duration. This test’s duration has now decreased and is set to 2 hours. But the difficulty level of the examination still remains the same.

PTE Exam Syllabus

Syllabus of an examination proves to be the most vital content required for proper exam preparation. Without it, one cannot even imagine approaching the exam. A defined syllabus eliminates the vagueness of a test and brings a clear insight into it to the candidate. Anyways, take a look below to learn the PTE syllabus.

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  • The Speaking and Writing section of PTE gives importance to assessing an applicant’s abilities in verbal and written communication. Moreover, it notes how well a candidate can express their views and thoughts to others in speech and written forms.
  • Speaking of the Reading section, this one comes into the picture to check how well candidates can comprehend what they read. It means whether a person can read well and interpret messages without any confusion. Their swiftness in comprehension is also noted here.
  • Lastly, PTE’s Listening section evaluates students’ skills to understand things through audio. Thus, we can say that it assesses people’s ability to understand information said in English. In addition to this, it also judges their concentration levels.

PTE Score Chart

The PTE test scoring system is similar to IELTS. After completing the test, candidates can access their score chart online, including separate scores for each section. It’s recommended to aim for a score range of 65-90, as the total exam is out of 90. Candidates can show their PTE band score chart to universities during admission to secure a seat. See the table below for an idea of the PTE score chart

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The highest level of proficiency is for those who score a total of at least 84 or above. In contrast, the lowest level of proficiency is set to the score range, which is right below 38. Besides, universities consider sorting out the best applicants from the crowd who score more.

PTE Exam Preparation Online Tips

To achieve success in the PTE exam, candidates must put in effort and dedication with a well-defined preparatory plan. Preparation is the foundation of performance, and it starts with PTE Practice Online. Here are some strategies from KC Overseas Education, the Best PTE coaching in Vizag, to ease your preparation.

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#1 Plan and Schedule

A good plan is essential for success, including achieving good PTE scores. Candidates should create a study schedule to manage their preparation hours, improving time management skills while preparing for the exam.

#2 Research More About PTE

Deeply examining concerns can reduce fear, including for other exams like PTE. Researching PTE online provides valuable insights and ideas on how to approach the exam. With plenty of content available, reading through and watching videos can help familiarize oneself with the exam.

#3 Go with PTE Practice Tests

Free practice tests for PTE are available to students in need, providing an idea of the exam format and gaining hands-on experience for the actual exam. Attempting practice tests is essential for mastering all sections of the exam, so do not hesitate to take them.

#4 Be Focused

Consistency is key to achieving success, so avoid taking breaks in between study sessions to maintain a streak. Develop the habit of regular preparation for the PTE exam, even if it’s just for short periods of time, to achieve your desired result.

#5 Reach Out to the Professionals

If struggling with PTE preparation, seek help from quality educational counsellors like KC Overseas who can provide proper guidance and assistance to achieve your target score and keep you on track.

Why Choose KC Overseas Education – Best PTE Coaching in Vizag?

KC Overseas has been one of the leading performers in the educational counsellor’s industry for over 25 years. This best abroad consultancy works in such a way that all students can dream of flying abroad for their educational purposes. KC Overseas has trained tons and tons of students and has helped them to achieve their dream scores.

To date, KC Overseas – Best PTE coaching in Vizag has aided a lot of students with their aim of entering elite universities. Providing quality education counselling for more than 2 decades, KC Overseas owns a list of professional and trained staff. The faculty at this consultancy will train and guide you to crack your PTE without any fear.


How do I register for a PTE test?

Visit the PTE Academic’s official website.
Create an account for yourself.
Click on the register tab highlighted above on that website.
Fill in the necessary details.
Then, book your PTE exam slot.
Pay for the registration process.
Submit your details and print a receipt for further use.

How do I pay my PTE Exam Fee?

After completing the registration process, you will have to pay the PTE exam fee. You will be redirected to a page associated with a payment gateway where you can initiate and complete the payment process.

What if I am unable to appear for the test?

If you are unable to attend the PTE test centre on the day of your test because of illness or a family emergency, Pearson may agree to a one-off reschedule, free of charge.

Can I take the PTE academic tests multiple times?

Ever wondered What is the maximum number of times that I can take the test? The conducting body sets no limit as to how many times a candidate can appear for their PTE Academic Exam. Candidates can take their next exam within a gap of 5 days is the only criteria set by the board.

How soon shall I book PTE Exam Dates?

Candidates can register for at least 1 day before their actual PTE exam dates.

Where can I appear for the test?

You can either write PTE in an exam centre allotted by them. Or, there is a new option introduced which allows you to complete your PTE in the comfort of your own house.

How soon can I get my PTE score?

You will receive an email from PTE when your score is ready, usually after 48 hours, if not within 5 days.

How soon can I resit the PTE Exam?

Exam retake is possible after 5 days of PTE score release. Only one retake is possible at a time. 6 months’ advanced booking is also available.

What shall I carry on the PTE test day?

You are not allowed to carry your belongings to the PTE exam room. You will get a locker in which you can store your belongings safely.

What is the validity of the PTE test scores?

PTE scores are valid for 2 years from the date of the exam. Once the 2 years are over, the expired PTE scores will be automatically removed from a test taker’s account.