Canada Student Visa Process Guide: Requirements, Fees, SOP & Visa Application

Canada exports quality students globally, with many professional graduates securing jobs that match their expectations. The country ranks third globally for offering a high quality of life, which is perfect for students seeking education abroad. Renowned universities like the University of Toronto and the University of Colombia produce some of the world’s finest graduates. If you’re considering studying in Canada, read on to learn more about the Canada student visa process.

Canada Student Visa Requirements

Canada has been a source of quality education for years, attracting students worldwide who need a student visa to study within its borders until graduation. Here are the Canada study visa requirements for Indian students.

  • For international education, the applicant must gain approval from a government-approved Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
  • A financial proof to cover tuition, living, and transportation expenses.
  • Applicants must have a clean criminal record and may be required to submit a police certificate.
  • Applicants must be healthy and undergo a medical exam if needed.
  • To ensure departure after graduation, the applicant may need a guarantor or notify a Canadian government official.

Documents Required for Canada Study Visa

To acquire a Canadian study visa, certain important documents related to the student must be presented for proper authorization to enter the country. Regardless, some documents required for the Canada study visa are:

  • Letter of acceptance from desired school/ university.
  • Proof of financial support.
  • Identity proof.
  • Letter of explanation for choosing Canada.
  • Custodian Declaration certificate (for minors).
  • Verification of immigration status.
  • Quebec acceptance certificate (for universities in Quebec).

SOP for Canada Student Visa

An SOP is a document that international students submit during the admission process, which includes academic and professional background, career path, and reasons for choosing Canada. It is evaluated by both the university and visa office to check the applicant’s capability. A SOP for Canada should have at least 1000-1500 words. Here’s how to starting a Sop For Canada Study Visa:

  • Always start with a good introduction.
  • State your academic experience.
  • Provide the SOP with your professional background.
  • Let them know about the cause of the question- “Why this course, University, and why Canada?”
  • Feel free to give a defined conclusion, but make it short.

Canada Student Visa Fees

To obtain a Canada Student Visa, visitors must pay a fee, which varies based on their location and may fluctuate with exchange rates. The average cost of a Canada Student Visa is $150 CAD, subject to fluctuation due to global exchange rates and location-based fees. Canada study visa fees can be paid online or offline. Paying in person at a Visa Office incurs an additional $80 CAD service charge.

Canada Student Visa Process – Step by Step Guide

Students have to apply for a study visa well before their visit to Canada. Moreover, it is best for newcomers to the Canadian government to use online means for applying for a visa. The Canada Student Visa Process is as follows:

  1. International students must have a scanner to create e-copies of the needed documents.
  2. Later, they should visit the official Canadian website and look out for a Visa Instruction guide posted on the same.
  3. Now, they have to create an account for themselves with the necessary details on the official website.
  4. After going through the instructions, students must get ready to answer a series of questions before uploading the application form. The questions will only require your preferences as answers.
  5. Next, they have to proceed with the next process of paying the registration fee.
  6. After paying the fee, applicants can submit their applications now.
  7. The process is, thus, completed. Now they can track their application’s progress on the same website.

Canada Student Visa Checklist

Here is a Canada student visa checklist that you should do before moving out to Canada to pursue your education abroad:

  • Make sure to apply for a student visa first.
  • Check your passport’s validity period.
  • Create a bank account in a good Canadian bank.
  • Be sure of your accommodation facilities.
  • Frame a daily budget, at least for the beginning period.
  • Undergo a medical checkup.
  • Do check all the documentation which you need to carry abroad.
  • Start the habit of saving and investing if you want to be adventurous with your finances.
  • Travel insurance is a smart plan.

These are some essential things for a person to complete before they move into elite abroad locations like Canada to pursue their dream career!


How to check Canada visa application status with passport number?

Start by visiting the official website of the Canadian government to check your Canada visa status with your passport number. Later, search for a Track Visa application status option from the side menu and enter the details, especially your passport number, and there you go!

How to book medical appointment for Canada visa?

You can request the service to book a medical appointment for a Canada visa service by approaching an official from a Canadian Visa application center. If not, search for the option of booking a medical appointment for a Canadian Visa and enter the official website to proceed with the next step.

How much bank balance is required for Canada student visa?

Every student who wants to move to Canada to pursue their education must have at least a total of $10,000 Canadian dollars on a yearly basis in their bank account.

How early can I enter Canada with student visa?

There is no specified time period set for a student to enter Canada with a student visa. It has various attributions defining your timeframe of arrival in this country.

How many PTE score required for Canada student visa?

Canadian universities require a minimum of 45 and a maximum score of 50 for diploma and master programs in PTE tests. However, certain universities follow with certain minimum scores in PTE.

How much percentage is required for Canada study visa?

An individual must have at least a total of 50% from a UG program in a recognised university in order to get a study Visa from Canada.

How to write an SOP for Canada student visa?

It is best to kick-start with a great introduction.
Later, clearly state your academic experience.
Ensure to provide the content with your professional background.
Also, focus on answering the questions like “Why this course, University, and why study in Canada?”
Also, take care to give a simple, short yet catchy conclusion.

Is TOEFL accepted for Canada student visa?

A lot of universities in Canada widely accept TOEFL. So, yes, TOEFL is applicable all over the country of Canada.

What to do if Canada student visa is rejected?

One can apply for a Canada visa an infinite amount of times if their application gets rejected. But they will not be eligible if their decision letter tells them that they are not.

Is PCC required for Canada student visa?

PCC might be necessary for international students by the respective officials in certain situations, so it is good to keep them in hand when the time comes for a Canada student visa.

Is IELTS required for Canada student visa?

IELTS requires a student to score a minimum of 5.5 in each band, but it is not mandatory for one to write IELTS in order to get a Canada study visa.

What is the Canada Student Visa Processing Time for Indians?

Usually Canada Study Visa Processing Time is around 12 weeks or 90 days for your application to be processed by Canadian government.