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GMAT is a challenging exam that is popular among students aiming to get into top management universities and B-Schools. Achieving a promising GMAT score is crucial for admission into leading MBA programs. The best GMAT coaching in Vizag can help you succeed in this pursuit.

What is GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a century-old exam that filters the best candidates for top management programs. It is the primary target for MBA aspirants aiming for premier universities.

GMAT tests key skills required in the commercial world: analytical writing, problem-solving, and logical reasoning, focusing on English language and core Mathematics. Over 100,000 students take the exam annually, but less than half achieve above-average scores, making it a tough examination.

Why Take the GMAT Exam?

GMAT is highly regarded by top management universities and B-Schools worldwide, making it a challenging but valuable exam for applicants. Over 2300 universities worldwide accept GMAT scores, including prestigious institutions like the London Business School, Stanford University, and Indian Institute of Management.

Writing the GMAT opens up global educational opportunities and attracts top universities and sponsors to offer places and scholarships to the best scorers. However, achieving good results in the challenging exam requires dedication and effort.

GMAT Eligibility – Who can Take Part in GMAT Exam?

The Graduate Management Admission Council has set every term, condition, and guideline of GMAT since its formation. The parent organization mentions no specified GMAT Eligibility criteria till now. However, take a look at these GMAT official guide on eligibity:

  • There is no age or score eligibility for GMAT, allowing individuals of any adult age group and academic background to take the exam.
  • However, applicants must prove their graduation and obtain parental consent if under 18.
  • Those seeking a master’s program in management must have completed their undergraduate studies in a recognized discipline.
  • Nationality does not restrict the GMAT exam.

GMAT Exam Pattern

To perform well in an exam, it’s crucial to understand its specific structure. The GMAT test has four equal sections, so it’s essential to check the exam pattern beforehand.

  • Analytical Writing
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning

The GRE exam allows you to choose the order of sections, giving you the option to select the most familiar section first for better time management. Here’s a table outlining the GMAT exam pattern.

SectionsQuestionsExam DurationScore Range
Analytical Writing130 Minutes0-6(with Increments)
IAnalytical Writing1230 Minutes1-8
Quantitative Reasoning3162 Minutes6-51
Verbal Reasoning3665 Minutes6-51

Each section of the GRE examination assesses specific skills, with distinct score ranges. The combined total scores from all sections determine the final score.

GMAT Syllabus

A proper syllabus is crucial for approaching exams like GMAT. Without it, there is no proper information in the first hand. Here’s more on the GMAT syllabus.

Analytical WritingAnalysis of Actions
Analysis of Arguments
Integrated ReasoningMulti-Source Reasoning
Table Analysis
Graphics Interpretation
Two-part Analysis
Quantitative ReasoningData Sufficiency
Verbal ReasoningReading Comprehension
Critical Reasoning
Sentence Correction
  • The Analytical Writing section of the GMAT exam syllabus evaluates writing skills and ability to critique an argument. Candidates analyze the soundness of the opinion and reasoning, identify and analyze argument parts, and connect personal statements with the task.
  • The Integrated Reasoning section combines quantitative and verbal sections, testing reading comprehension and logical analysis through questions that require interpreting and analyzing graphs and tables.
  • The Quantitative Reasoning section assesses math knowledge, including algebra, statistics, and geometry, and logical thinking.
  • The Verbal section includes GMAT critical reasoning to test written English skills and the ability to analyze arguments and read intensively.

GMAT Score Chart

GMAT scores are based on a complex adaptive system that considers on-spot performance and factors below in the score chart.

  • Number of answers delivered correctly.
  • Number of answers delivered within a time limit

As said before, this test is adaptive, which simply means that the scoring pattern fluctuates as a student’s performance changes from one question to another question. Take a look down below to learn more about the GMAT score chart.

Scaled ScorePercentileScaled ScorePercentile

This table shows the approximate valuation of GMAT total scores, with separate valuations for the verbal and quantitative sections. Most test takers score around 600, while scores above this indicate strong academic proficiency and English communication skills.

How Do I Register for a GMAT Exam?

Let’s walk you through the simple steps for GMAT registration:

  1. Visit the official website of GMAT Registration-
  2. Next up, begin your process by clicking on the register tab highlighted on the website’s home page.
  3. Upon clicking the register tab, you will go to a new page where you have to provide several essential details of yours.
  4. Do fill in all details associated with you. If you can, fill in the optional information as well. All this data is only for registration purposes.
  5. Verify your profile by doing the steps mentioned by that site.
  6. Now, you will get an option to choose the desired GMAT exam dates. Choose when you want to attend this test.
  7. Later, you will have to pay the GMAT fee. Click on ‘Pay now’ and complete your transaction.
  8. Thus, you have officially registered for your GMAT. Print out the receipt, which you might require in the near future.

How to Prepare for GMAT Exam?

Looking for simple steps for How to prepare for GMAT? It’s a challenging exam that requires dedication and concentration for a promising score. But the struggle is worth it, as it’s one of the elite competitive exams. Follow these steps for proper preparation and crack the exam.

#1 Frame a Study Schedule

A study schedule is crucial for exam preparation, setting limits and ensuring orderliness to keep you on track. It’s the best way to start preparation, fix study timings and stick to them to be efficient and boost confidence.

#2 Solve GMAT Practice Test

Taking GMAT practice tests is an effective way to prepare for the exam, as they simulate the actual test and improve performance and time management. Online GMAT practice tests are easily accessible, with plenty of free content available for students.

#3 Research More About GMAT

To overcome fear and uncertainty of the GMAT, increase your awareness of the exam. Learn more about the GMAT by finding question papers and updates online to become familiar with it. The more you know, the higher your chances of success.

#4 Stay Consistent

Consistent training is key to success. Hone your skills and practice regularly to improve your performance and confidence, as missing a day’s practice can affect your overall performance. Each day of practice is essential, so work on your verbal, writing, and analytical thinking skills daily.

The Best GMAT Coaching In Vizag

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How do I pay my GMAT Exam Fees?

You can simply pay the GMAT exam fees through the payment option that is available during the online registration process. If a candidate has mailed a registration form (paper form), they can pay their fee through a cashier’s check, money order, or a personal check.

Where can I appear for a GMAT test?

You must visit the allotted Pearson VUE test centre in order to take the GMAT examination. These test centres can be of an independent nature having administrative staffs of their own.

How soon can I get my GMAT score?

Your GMAT official score report will be available via your account, typically within 7 business days after completing your exam. However, in some cases, it may even take up to 20 business days to process.

​​Which is easier GMAT or GRE?

For candidates who feel that it’s child’s play when it comes to logical questions, GMAT becomes a piece of cake. Whereas, in general, most students consider GRE to be tougher due to its tricky geometrical questions.

What is GMAT exam used for?

The GMAT exam is a trusted part of the admissions process for business and management programs worldwide, including full-time and part-time MBA and Master’s degree programs.

Is GMAT easier than CAT?

GMAT test can be a bit easier than the CAT exam. However, more or less, both of these tests have a somewhat similar syllabus.

How many times GMAT exam is conducted in a year?

You can appear for GMAT exam, maximum of 5 times a year. Although it takes place almost every day of the year. Ideally, it is best for candidates to register themselves 2 to 3 months before the exam date.

Is there negative marking in GMAT?

Absolutely no! GMAT doesn’t observe negative markings in its evaluation process.

What is a good GMAT score?

Generally, a good GMAT score ranges between 700 and 740, and a score of 740+ is an excellent score. Average score for the top 50 business schools in the US in 2021 is 703. Regardless, it is best for candidates to score between 634 – 734.

How to reschedule my GMAT exam?

Log in to your account.
Select the GMAT exam you wish to reschedule.
Choose your new GMAT appointment date.
Later, review your appointment.
Then, confirm your personal information.
Finally, agree to GMAT’s policies.

What shall I carry on GMAT exam day?

The GMAT examination requires all test takers to carry valid, GMAT Approved Identification which contains the necessary and correct details of them. You can carry prescription glasses if you have any vision issues. Also, students must carry an appointment confirmation letter or an email that they’ve received from Pearson VUE. All other gadgets must be stored in a locker allotted to candidates.

What is GMAT Exam Fees In India?

The GMAT Exam Fees in India is 22755 INR approximatley $275.

GMAT Score is Valid For How Many Years?

The GMAT Score Validity is 5 years from date of test.