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The Best TOEFL Coaching In Vizag

To kick-start your education by studying abroad, obtaining a promising TOEFL score is crucial. KC Overseas Education offers the best TOEFL coaching in Vizag to help you achieve this goal. Many foreign universities require appropriate TOEFL scores for admission, as it sets quality standards for students moving abroad. Learn more about the TOEFL exam and why it’s important.

What is TOEFL Exam?

The TOEFL Exam is a popular test for international students seeking to advance their education globally. Besides, the TOEFL full form is the Test of English as a Foreign Language. It assesses English proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing, and is recognized by 11,000+ universities in 190 nations.

TOEFL is a popular test that unlocks international opportunities. While other exams like IELTS exist, TOEFL has set English proficiency standards for half a century, with over 2.5 million students taking it annually. It assesses English-speaking ability and has qualified over 20 million students for their dream universities abroad.

Types of TOEFL Exam Paper

Language is essential for expressing ourselves to others, and TOEFL ensures international proficiency without linguistic barriers. English proficiency is in high demand by universities and organizations worldwide, and language exams like TOEFL enforce this need. There are three types of TOEFL tests available.

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Paper Based Test (PBT)

The traditional method for TOEFL was the paper-based test, where students would gather in a hall to write the exam under the supervision of Educational Testing Service professionals. However, as of early 2021, this method is no longer in use.

Computer Based Test (CBT)

This test method utilizes computer technology, replacing the traditional paper-based test. Students are allotted separate computers and attend the exam in batches, supervised by professionals. The computer records and evaluates answers, reducing paperwork and manpower. While some universities still use this method, it is slowly becoming outdated in favor of the next-generation test method.

Internet Based Test (iBT)

The Internet-Based Test is the preferred method for TOEFL, allowing students to take the exam from home or a center. The entire process is online, from surveillance to submission, facilitated by an official account created on the TOEFL website.

After submitting essential documents, the verification process is conducted online, with candidates receiving exam dates and instructions digitally. Monitoring is done via camera and microphone, with an AI system submitting a review report to staff. Anyone in the world can attend iBT-based TOEFL by creating an account with verified details and paying a processing fee.

Why Should I take TOEFL Exam?

TOEFL is a top choice for students aiming to study abroad, with many prestigious universities recognizing its scores. It’s a popular choice for foreign aspirants and can be taken from anywhere as an Internet-based exam. Over 11,000 universities recognize TOEFL as a top-tier exam.

TOEFL offers global recognition and easy accessibility to test takers from over 200 countries. It provides instant results and unbiased scoring through the use of AI. Achieving a good score in TOEFL can open doors to many international universities.

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TOEFL Exam Eligibility

Here are some of the TOEFL exam eligibility that every student who wants to attend the test should take a look at and follow:

  • Every test taker should be at least the age of 18.
  • No eligibility criteria are required to take the TOEFL exam, as it tests an individual’s English proficiency regardless of their status.
  • Everyone must complete their 12th grade.
  • The ones who wish to write the exam can belong to any country.
  • There is no maximum age limit for IELTS.

TOEFL Exam Registration

The registration process for the TOEFL exam is considered to be one of the simplest procedures one can go through in order to attend the test. To successfully register for a spot to attend the TOEFL examination, do follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website of TOEFL.
  • Later, you will have to create a TOEFL profile of your own. The details that you give should be professional and genuine.
  • Then, you will come across an application form that requires certain details that you have to fill in.
  • Next up, the website will display a lot of dates on the following page. Select the date on which you wish to write your exam.
  • Choose whether you want to write TOEFL in your house or in an exam center near you.
  • You will then have to pay the TOEFL exam registration fees, which will typically come to around $150-$200 US dollars. Although, this pricing varies in different regions. You will then be redirected to a payment page after clicking on pay.
  • Confirm your application and submit the form. Do print a copy that might prove to be useful in the near future.

TOEFL Exam Pattern

An exam pattern is an essential element that the test taker should have a look at least once before writing the exam. That’s because when one comes to know the format of an exam, one can prepare well. Moreover, it is how you frame your whole exam plan. Now, let us take a look at the TOEFL exam pattern, which has 4 sections primarily.

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  • TOEFL Reading Practice: The reading section, with 30-40 questions, takes about 54-72 minutes in the TOEFL exam. Besides, most questions here will require people to read passages and give answers to the TOEFL Practice Test asked.
  • Next is the TOEFL listening section with 28-38 questions to answer in 41-57 minutes.
  • TOEFL Speaking Practice: TOEFL’s listening section has 28-38 questions to answer in 41-57 minutes.
  • Finally, the writing section has 2 tasks where you review a TOEFL reading practice a passage, and audio within 50 minutes.

*Note that you will get a 10-minute break after the listening section. Apart from that, the total assessment time sums up to 3 hours to complete. An unofficial result will come up as soon as your performance ends. Later, after a few days, the official results will be announced.

TOEFL Exam Syllabus

  • The reading section of the TOEFL syllabus will require a person to strengthen their ability to understand what they are reading quickly.
  • The TOEFL exam syllabus tests concentration and interpretation skills through audio in the listening section.
  • The TOEFL speaking section involves a conversation with a moderator to evaluate your English fluency.
  • TOEFL speaking section evaluates English fluency through a conversation with a moderator.

TOEFL Test Scoring System

Each section in the TOEFL examination is scored from 0-30, making a total of 120 for all four sections combined. Scores have four levels: below low-intermediate, low-intermediate, high-intermediate, and advanced.

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TOEFL Preparation at KC Overseas

If you need help preparing for the TOEFL exam, we’ve got you covered. TOEFL preparation requires effort and time, and our expert faculty at KC can guide you every step of the way with intense preparation methods. KC Overseas education – the Best TOEFL Coaching in Vizag is committed to help you achieve your goal and will provide you with the necessary assistance.

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KC Overseas Education, with almost 25 years of experience, is committed to helping aspiring students reach their dreams of studying abroad. Our wide range of services, including consulting and loan acquisition, are focused on your educational progression, making us one of the best education counselors available.

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Our specialized staff of professionals will assist you in settling your career abroad and provide a customized preparation schedule to become the perfect candidate. Our English proficiency experts can help you ace your exam. Don’t delay, partner with KC Overseas to make your dreams a reality!


What is a good TOEFL score out of 120?

The TOEFL examination will require a total of 80-95 score to consider the candidate’s performance above satisfactory. But anything above 100 will surely be regarded as a good score.

How do I register for a TOEFL test?

Approach the TOEFL’s official website first and fill in the necessary details after opening an account. Fill in the application form and pay the registration fees to confirm the process. Scroll up to learn more about the registration process.

How do I pay my TOEFL Exam Feef?

You will have to pay your TOEFL test fee as soon as you confirm your application online on its official website. Later, you will be redirected to a payment page to pay the test fee.

Where Can I Appear For A TOEFL iBT test?

You can either write your iBT TOEFL at an exam center near you or opt-in to write the exam in your house. It is up to your choice.

What is the total duration of the TOEFL exam?

3 hours is the total TOEFL exam time duration for every test taker.

How soon shall I book my exam date?

You can book your exam date before the TOEFL registration’s closing date. You must be on the lookout for registration dates.

What shall I carry on TOEFL exam day?

Bring your ID to the center on the TOEFL exam day. Now, this ID must be present for authentication purposes. Besides, the center itself will provide you with paper and pencil.

How soon can I get my TOEFL score?

Your scores will show up in the account on ETS, which is TOEFL’s website after 4-8 days after your complete your day of test.

How soon can I resit the test?

There are no limits for one to attend the TOEFL exam again. You can choose to Resit for the exam whenever you feel like it.

What is the validity of the TOEFL score?

Your TOEFL score will be eligible for recognition for 2 years. After that the score will expire, and you must gain a new one

What is the ideal time to register in advance?

One must apply 2-3 months before their TOEFL registration ends. You can also apply as soon as the registration opens, though.

Is TOEFL accepted in Canada?

Yes, Universities in more than 190 countries, including Canada, accept TOEFL.

Which is easier TOEFL or IELTS?

IELTS is considered to be a much easier exam than TOEFL actually is. TOEFL is a pretty lengthy and tougher paper when compared to IELTS.

What is TOEFL exam fee in India?

The TOEFL exam fee In India is around 15640 INR (USD 199)