Statement of Purpose (SOP) – A Complete Guide by KC

A lot of students are growing aware of the advantages one could get by completing their education abroad, especially in a reputed country that has top-tier standards and quality of life. Students who pursue their education abroad enjoy a ton of benefits that are only exclusive to them. Those who pursue their education in their very own domestic countries are restricted in a number of ways. From their caliber to the career opportunities, students and their abilities are in low quantity in multiple ways. And that is why a lot of students choose education abroad over domestic education. Those students who wish to study abroad will be familiar with What is SOP? The term is known as a Statement of Purpose. International students are aware of the fact that SOP is important for taking admission in their dream university, but most of them won’t know how to prepare properly. Let us look at some of the best ideas on what is Statement of Purpose is and how to prepare the perfect Statement of Purpose that might help you to get into your dream university now.

What is SOP?

The Statement of Purpose, simply popular as the SOP, is a necessary factor for a lot of universities abroad in the current world. It is basically a written statement that an applicant submits to the desired University by the applicant. International universities have made it a compulsory factor during the admission process. Students who wish to pursue their education abroad must submit an SOP in order to pass through the admission process.

The applicant will have to disclose their interests, motives, cause and benefits, which universities would expect from students who want to graduate from their campuses. Statement of Purpose might also include your academic background and achievements as well. The primary motive for writing a Statement of Purpose is to increase your chances of getting selected for your desired University. The length of the Statement of Purpose that a student writes must be in respect to the word limit requirement that the particular university/country sets. Let us now understand why a Statement of Purpose is a vital element during the admission process of many universities.

Why is the Statement of Purpose Important?

Why is SOP so important? Candidates desiring to have their education abroad must be aware of the fact that their Statement of Purpose has the ability to turn things around. SOP really has the power to increase your chances of getting admitted to your dream institute. There are a lot of uses for a good Statement of Purpose. Both the authorities who assess it and the candidate who prepares it will have some perks for its creation and submission.

  • From the authorities’ point of view, the Statement of Purpose is important because it gives a clear insight into the candidate for judging purposes. Besides, it might be the visa authorities or the selection/ admission committee of your desired university; these people will get an idea of why a candidate has chosen their country/ university to pursue their higher studies.
  • Statement of Purpose includes disclosing an applicant’s interest, motive, cause of choice and much more. These points will help authorities to assess and get a clear idea of whether the applicant is eligible or not to join their university.
  • From the applicant’s point of view, best SOP acts as an instrument to bring out their interests, motive and their expectations from the university as well. Applicants are able to express their thoughts through SOP. A Statement of Purpose is an opportunity for a lot of people who don’t have a strong academic background to support themselves.
  • All you need is a promising statement with valid reasons and assurances which are genuine. Applicants will be able to express themselves through SOPs without any restrictions. As a reward for submitting a true SOP with genuine facts, their chances of getting selected will also increase.
  • Applicants will also be able to prove their written skills by submitting an SOP that meets up with the expectations of authorities.

A Statement of Purpose acts something like a tool for assessing authorities to select the best candidates who have genuine reasons. Furthermore, it acts as an instrument for candidates to showcase the best of their personality by giving honest and valid reasons for their decision to choose that particular university.

What Should be Included in the Statement of Purpose?

Pupils eager to create the perfect Statement of Purpose SOP but are new to this must pay attention to the basic things firsts. They must first understand what facts are essential while writing an SOP. Such comprehension can help you in writing a good SOP. Let us look at the required facts on what should be included In the statement of purpose.

Personal Background

A proper Statement of Purpose starts off with an applicant’s personal background. It states all the information about a candidate, like their name, objectives and other necessary information.

Academic Background

Next up, the Statement of Purpose (SOP) must have all information relating to an applicant’s academic performance. Their past academic records must also be taken into consideration. Furthermore, they can also disclose their place of study. Even academic achievements are also helpful here.

Financial Background

Thirdly, the student can disclose their financial background to the Admission authorities. Pupils must make their financial status known to the judging authorities. They can prove their status by disclosing their financial status and, at times, even their income.

Short-Term Goals

A Statement of Purpose is not complete without disclosing the applicant’s goals. It tells the assessing authorities why a student chose to study at their university in the first place. Thus, candidates must start off by disclosing their temporary goals.

Long-Term Goals

Next up, the Statement of Purpose must contain the applicant’s long-term goals and short-term goals. Long-term goals include the applicant’s expectations of his future position after graduation.

Professional Experience (if any)

If an applicant has some kind of working experience, they can state it under the Professional Experience head. Although, this is not mandatory. The head is purely optional and only asked to know more about the applicant. Adding your professional experience can increase the weightage of your profile.

Reasons Supporting your Decision to Choose the Desired University to Pursue your Education.

This is one of the key purposes for the creation of SOP. This point is mandatory for every applicant who prepares their SOP. Students must disclose their reasons for choosing that particular university in order to provide their motive to the assessing parties.

Reasons Supporting your Decision to Chose this Particular Stream

A proper Statement of Purpose also demands the applicant to disclose the idea which caused him to select his particular stream. The idea must be genuine and not fake.

Extra Accomplishments (if any)

You can even include other accomplishments which are not academic. One can even consider extra accomplishments in other non-curricular fields here. Sports accomplishments are a popular one here.

Hobbies and Interests

Lastly, the Statement of Purpose must include all hobbies and other interests which get you going in life. You can talk freely about what inspires you and rises your curiosity levels. Your regular activities, which are your hobbies, can prove to be helpful.

How To Write Statement Of Purpose (SOP)?

International students must know the techniques and methods for preparing a good Statement of Purpose. An acceptable SOP will always increase your chances of getting selected. Preparing a good Statement of Purpose could be pretty challenging, but all it needs is your genuine expressions with a fine sense of writing in English. Let us look at the steps on how to write statement of purpose.

#1 Realize and Take a Note of your Goals and Objectives

The first thing before preparing a Statement of Purpose is to know yourself and your objectives clearly. SOP only includes details about you and your goals. So, always think of reasons which sparked a thought of choosing that particular course/university/country to study. You must also be aware of your ultimate goal of where you want to see yourself after graduating.

#2 Prepare a Good Introduction

After identifying and taking note of your core goals and objectives, you can start preparing your Statement of Purpose by writing off a clear introduction about yourself. An introduction will include all the basic details, such as the applicant’s personal, academic and financial backgrounds. You can then express your interest in joining this university and selecting this course.

#3 Proceed with the Main Content

The main content of the Statement of Purpose can also be identified as its body. The body should include all the supporting facts which lift your chances of getting selected. This is an area which you have to define clearly. Moreover, you should also state your goals and reasons by whatever means necessary. You should always try to be genuine and close to your heart while preparing your SOP, as fake stories and unnecessary exaggerations will automatically be rejected if found. Be transparent with your ideas and write to convince the assessing authorities that you need this and will make the most out of this.

#4 Conclude the Statement

After giving out all the powerful facts and reasons to make the university’s management consider you during the admission process, it is time to conclude the entire statement. Use low-paced words and bring the statement to a passive condition. There is no need to be aggressive to prove your point. You should be strong with concluding by using all the needed and necessary facts which make you the perfect fit for their course/university. If you can, try summarizing the points which you’ve given out about yourself throughout the SOP and conclude gently.

#5 Read it out Before Submission’

It is not over yet. After preparing an SOP, it is one’s duty to check if the contents are ready are not. In order to prove this, read your Statement of Purpose to any one of your close ones and let them be the critics of the act. Tell them to check whether any flaws are noticeable throughout. If they don’t find any, you are free to submit your SOP. If not, make the required changes and then submit it to the authorities.

Tips to Write a Successful Statement of Purpose

You are free to start preparing your Statement of Purpose on your own now. But before leaving, it is necessary to note several important tips to write an Sop tips and tricks to increase your chances of getting admitted to your dream university. You will be able to create a very good SOP by following these tips along with your very own content.

  • It is best for the applicant to reduce the usage of technical terms as much as possible. Technical jargon will always mess up your statement. It is not said to ignore these, but reducing them in usage will be fine.
  • Try to infuse a little bit of a lively feel in your Statement of Purpose. Add some low-key humor here and there, but don’t try to add a lot of that. It might turn your statement into a complete joke.
  • If there is a word limit given, try not to exceed that limit. Falling short of 100 words or below is fine. But exaggerating the content and going over the limit might create a bad impression on the critic’s side.
  • While writing about your personal background, be professional. There is no need to disclose intimate details. Just the surface information will be fine here.
  • While writing about your financial background, it is important to note that there is no need to disclose a detailed statement of your family’s income. If you are a person aiming to get scholarships, there is a separate process emphasizing income.
  • Try your best to be professional. Do not use flashy and unprofessional colors, and stay up to the standards. Do not use stylish fonts, as they might create a bad impression as well.
  • It is a key point to note that all your facts must be genuine. Don’t ever lie about yourself to the admission authority through your SOP. It might backfire on you pretty hard.
  • Talk about the experiences which you are looking forward to getting and ignore exaggerating content. Be reasonably short and stay crisp to the point. This might give them a clearer picture of you.

What do Colleges Look for in a SOP?

It is a pretty good question, unfortunately, for which there is no answer with simple points. It is a wider concept than we could all expect it to be. That is because different universities expect different things from their applicants in order to admit them. Besides, each university has its own eligibility criteria as well. But most of them look for several common factors. Read further to understand clearly:

  • An SOP must show genuine facts and reasons of the applicant.
  • This Statement of Purpose must disclose an applicant’s intentions along with their eligibility to join the university.
  • Your SOP must not contain any false or misleading facts which might end up badly in future.
  • It should also show how you, as an applicant, prove to be fit for the applied course.
  • The SOP must give a clear idea about the past and present life of a student through surface details.
  • It must also focus on giving weightage to the profile of the applicant.

Statement of Purpose Format

International students wishing to prepare their own SOPs for joining their dream universities should know the format of Statement of Purpose first. The format acts as the blueprint. A whole statement is formed only upon the format. Let us look at the points which define the format of SOP in detail:

  • Usage of bulletins is accepted. But using a lot of bulletins is discouraged by a lot of universities lately, as it reduces the clarity of the statement.
  • Professional fonts are preferable while preparing the SOP as it gives a much more productive and classic look to your statement.
  • Every SOP must be in the form of a paragraph. One has to define each content in paragraph forms alone under their respective heads.
  • SOP doesn’t have a defined format and order. But it is most important to go in an order which starts with an introduction, backgrounds, reasons for choosing the course, career’s short and long-term goals, reasons for choosing the university and lastly, a conclusion summarizing your thoughts.

How to Write a Powerful and Convincing SOP?

Students must understand that they have to focus on creating a powerful and convincing SOP to achieve their admission target. Here are some ideas for you to create your very own powerful SOP:

  • An SOP can be convincing only with the help of true facts. Thus, everything which you express in the SOP must be true. From your intentions to the expectations regarding the university, you have to disclose everything without falsifying any facts.
  • An additional tip to make your SOP convincing is to present it with a professional look. Put maximum effort into presenting it in the most decent-looking manner possible.

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KC Overseas Guidelines for SOP Writing

Here is a list of guidelines for preparing your perfect Statement Of Purpose Template, brought to you by KC Overseas Education:

  • Try using the Times New Roman font, as it is a professional font style that many experienced entities consider.
  • Do give some reasonable spacing between each word and sentence. Being stingy with your page length by reducing the line and word spacing will ruin your presentation.
  • Give your best to stay within the word limit. Exceeding it might backfire on you.
  • Give attention to the tiniest of professional details.
  • Do not try to elongate the content by exaggeration. Keep it short and up to a point.
  • Trying to flatter the assessing authority is a bad choice for you.
  • Be genuine with the information, no matter what. Lying in your Statement of Purpose will automatically lead to rejection.

SOP Samples for Courses

SOPs are highly flexible. Each course has its very own style of SOPs. Let us look at some of the significant courses and their Statement Of Purpose samples.

Undergraduate Statement Of Purpose

  • If you have any significant achievements in your school life, feel free to express them in the SOP.
  • Also, try to bring out your future expectations and goals which you have in your mind.
  • Stay humble, but write with the motive of getting selected.
  • Try to talk about your school life and what made you interested in studying abroad.
  • Lastly, do not forget to check it with a friend of yours or some other before submission.

SOPs for Masters/ Postgraduates

  • Try to bring out the best moments of your school and college life. Write about all your achievements to date.
  • Feel free to list down your interests and hobbies.
  • Write about how well you have done so far and what you plan to do soon.
  • Additionally, disclose your intentions for joining the university with true facts.
  • Show the professionalism you learned all these years before in your SOP through the usage of convincing yet correct words and phrases.
  • Finally, get it checked with a friend before submission.

Sop Formats for USA, Canada, UK, And Australia

  • The word limit of SOPs that American institutes accept ranges typically between 600-1500 words. Although, there is no defined format here. You should take note that SOP always starts off with a personal introduction and ends with a proper conclusion summarizing your points. Besides, US universities accept SOPs which are within 2 pages.
  • Canadian universities prefer SOPs that will be within a word limit of 1000-1500 words on average. Just like the other ones, the Sop for Canada starts off with a personal introduction, followed by the background, and finally, a convincing conclusion.
  • The average word limit of acceptable SOPs in UK universities is between 800-1000. Most universities prefer SOPs that will conclude within 2 pages. Adequately spaced and sized at 12, we will be able to create a perfect SOP for UK universities.
  • Unlike SOPs in other countries, SOPs in Australia don’t have a restriction of word limits. But it is preferred to complete the SOP within 2-3 pages. Similar to other countries’ SOPs, it starts with a personal introduction and ends with a summarizing conclusion.

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing an SOP

  • There are a lot of mistakes that one has to avoid in order to create the perfect Statement of Purpose. Be on the lookout and avoid these mistakes below,
  • Start by avoiding the usage of colorful fonts and designs, and stay professional.
  • Also, stay at bay from overusing the technical terms.
  • Avoid exceeding the word limit.
  • Using false and untrue facts is not at all preferable.
  • Avoid exaggerating and be crisp and short.
  • Additionally, avoid being too obvious at the beginning of the SOP.
  • Detour flattering the respective assessing officials.
  • Do not be unprofessional with the usage of words.


How do I polish my SOP?

The first primary thing which you should keep in mind in order to present a good SOP is by knowing that being genuine will always be rewarding. Just state the genuine facts which enabled you to choose the university/country for study without any exaggeration. You can try adding achievements to support your eligibility for the application as well. Try adding what you might achieve as an end result which might impact you positively. Combining these will give you a perfectly polished Statement of Purpose.

Can SOPs help with scholarships?

SOPs are popularly known to be received only during the admission process. Little did you know about the fact that students can even acquire good scholarships and fellowships by delivering SOPs which are reasonable and understandable. All you need is a genuine cause and the skill to work on what you promise in the SOP, and you are good to go.

Do LORs and SOPs need to be attested?

Candidates/applicants are the ones who write their SOPs. Every single word and fact which is present in the SOP is promised by the candidate alone. Thus, there is no need for the SOP to get an attestation. On the other hand, a letter of recommendation/ LORs must require attestation by some recognized person who is believed to have a good reputation or should be in a powerful position.

How long is a Statement of Purpose?

A lot of universities and countries worldwide expect the length of the student’s SOPs to be somewhere near 800-1000 words. There must be no stories and exaggerations. They only expect the genuine cause for their decision, what they expect from it, and what approach they take to make their decision effective.

What is the difference between SOP and motivational letters?

Both the SOP and motivation letters are for the same purpose, which is to increase your chances of getting admitted to your dream university. Now, SOP is a more systematic term that every university currently accepts. SOP focuses on highlighting the achievements and academic background as well. We can tell that both the SOP and motivation letters are pretty similar to each other. Both of these state your motive for joining the university/course to increase your odds of getting selected.